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Once a course has ended the online assessment marks will need to be exported from Blackboard and imported into the exams system. This wiki page will hopefully guide you through the process step by step. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact the eLearning Administrator or eLearning Team who will be very willing to help you.

The eLearning Administrator or eLearning team are happy to check the exported marks if you are in doubt, or to assist you in any way with the process.

(This video will be updated shortly. The process is correct, however the current version of Blackboard is visually different).


Quick summary

These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Ensure that column settings are correct for each assessment
  2. Setting up a smart view to show any ‘attempts in progress’
  3. Forcing the submission of any in progress attempts
  4. Manual marking of assessment (if applicable)
  5. Check your assessment settings and the ‘Weighted’ column
  6. Downloading your spreadsheet
  7. Preparing your spreadsheet for upload into the exams system
  8. Upload of marks to the exams system

1. Ensure that column settings are correct for each assessment

When setting up the column, you have the option to display the First, Last, Average, Highest or Lowest scores, which will mean this if you have more than 1 attempt, that your scores could be incorrect.

Editing the “Score Attempts Using…” setting:

  1. From the “Full Grade Centre”, locate the column/s that you wish to check/edit
  2. Choose the drop down list next to the column title and choose “edit column information”
  3. Under the “score attempts using” drop down, choose the most appropriate option for your course
  4. Click “submit”
  5. Complete for all columns that may not be displaying the correct score

Click here to see a video demo

NB. Please note that this is on an older version of Blackboard.

2. Setting up a filter to show any ‘attempts in progress’

For standard eLearning assessments it is likely that there will be some students that still have an “attempt in progress” indicator for one or more assessments.

These attempts may be the students actual attempt or they may be an instance where the student has just opened up the assessment again to have a look at the questions. It is important to force the submission all of these attempts.

Scroll through the Grade Centre and find all the “in Progress’ tests. You will need to force submit each attempt individually:

  1. Hover over one of the ‘Attempt in progress’ cells, a contact menu button will appear on the right hand side of the cell (a small button a downward arrow). Click on this action button and then click the attempt with the ‘Attempt in progress’ icon.

  1. You will be taken through to the users attempt page. Click on ‘Test Information’ just below the students name and the box will expand. Click on the ‘Submit Attempt’ button.

  1. Once the page reloads the Status will read ‘Completed’
  2. You now need to press the ‘Save and Next’ button to the far right of the users name, this will take you to the next attempt in progress for that assessment. Repeat this force submission step for each attempt until you no longer get a ‘Save and Next’ button. At this point, click the ‘Save and Exit’ button. You will return to the Grade Centre.
  3. Repeat steps 1-4 for each assessment column until the filter view is empty.
  4. Reset the filter to ‘All Statuses’ to restore the full grade centre view.

4. Manual marking of assessment (if applicable)

If you have assessments that require manual marking, such as essay questions, then you will need to mark these assessments now if you have not already done to. There is already a Grade Centre area called ‘Needs Marking’. Any items appearing in here should be marked before downloading the Grade Centre data. If you need any assistance with this, please contact the eLearning team.

5. Check your assessment settings and create/check the ‘Weighted’ column

In the main Grade Centre you should check all of your assessment settings before exporting the data. Only data that conforms to the settings will be exported. If for example students have 2 attempts at an assessment, in standard assessments, it will be the highest of the two attempt that should be used as the overall mark, however the default setting for Blackboard is to display the last score i.e. attampt 2 of 2, but it may be that a student scored better in their first attempt. As such it is vital to check the settings for each assessment:

  1. In the Full Grade Centre click on the context menu button for one of your assessments. Select Edit Column Information
  2. Check that the ‘Score attempts using’ drop down is set appropriately. For 2 attempt assessments it should be set to ‘Highest’, for assessments where it is the first attempt that counts, ensure it is set to ‘First attempt’. If you are in any doubt as to what the settings should be for your assessments, contact the eLearning team.
  3. The setting ‘Include this grade in the grade centre calculations’ should be set to yes.
  4. Check over all of the remaining settings, the default settings will be suitable in most cases, and then press submit.
  5. Repeat the above steps for all of the assessments.

Once all of your individual columns have the correct settings, you will need to create/update the Weighted Column. If you do not have this column, You can use ‘Create Calculated Column’ > ‘Weighted Column’ to create it. If you do already have it, you should click on the context menu button and ‘Edit Column Information’

In section 1, Ensure that the Primary display is set to ‘Percentage’
In section 3 you will need to set up your column calculation. Select in the ‘Columns to select’ area the assessments that will be used to calculate the overall score for the student and transfer these into the ‘Selected Columns’. This should exclude any formative assessments. You will then need to input the information about what weighting each assessment holds. In most cases, assessments will be equally weighted. If you would like any assistance, please contact the eLearning team.

Ensure that ‘Calculate as running total’ is set to ‘No’. This is very important to ensure that students who have not attempted a particular assessment are awarded 0 for that assessment rather than having that assessment excluded from their marks.

Once you submit this page the Weighted column should accurately reflect the overall student grade for all of the assessments. It is highly advisable that this is checked for a random selection of students to avoid any mistakes that may have arrisen due to some columns not having the ‘Include this grade in the grade centre calcualtions’ correctly or incorrectly selected (e.g. revision columns may have this setting incorrectly ticked bydefault) or the column being set to exclude assessments that have not been attempted.

6. Downloading your spreadsheet

Once you are happy that the marks in the Grade Centre are ready to be uploaded to the exams system (of if you wish to do further calculations/edits in excel, you can download them.

  1. From the BB9 Grade centre click on the ‘Work Offline’ button and then ‘Download’Work offline and download
  2. On the download options page it is recommended that you download the ‘Full Grade Centre’ in order that you can double check the calculation for the ‘Weighted’ column to prevent mistakes in the grades being transferred. Leave the file as Tab Delimited, unhide hidden information (if applicable). Select the location to download to and then click submit, and download on the next page. The file will download in excel format.
     Download options
    Download options

7. Preparing your spreadsheet for upload into the exams system

If you do not want to use the ‘Weighted’ column for the exams system, you should adjust your spreadsheet accordingly so that the marks are prepared for upload. If you are not following these instructions for the ‘Weighted’, you will need to ensure that the marks you are going to upload are out of 100, without decimals and not displayed as percentages.

The exams system will not accept percentages or values with any decimal places, so some processing must take place. We need values such as 98, 78 etc to be able to upload.

Remove all columns except Username, Student ID and ‘Weighted’ (for standard uploads, keep any necessary columns for non-standard data). The ‘Weighted’ scores need to be simple numbers, with no decimal places. To achieve this:

  1. Create a column with the title ‘mark’. Into the cell below type “=[ROUND(??*100,0)”, where ?? is the cell code for the Weighted column (B2 in the example below). Then copy and paste this to other rows.
  2. Rename the sheet you are working on to be Sheet1 (at the bottom of the sheet).
  3. Save your spreadsheet as an Excel 97-2004 Workbook (.xls) ready for upload.

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BB9: How to Export Assessment Marks