Reviewed: 06/12/2019

Many Blackboard assessments and tests are set up to allow you to get feedback on your work. Follow these instructions to access that feedback via “My Grades”.

1) Go to “My Grades” in the left hand menu

2) You will be presented with a list of assessments that you have completed for the course. To get information about a particular assessment, click its title:

3) You will now be given information about the test. The information you receive will depend on what information the unit co-ordinator has decided to release to you, and so may be different for each course. If you are permitted to view your attempts or feedback for your attempts, you will see that the number under “calculated grade” is a link to the completed test:

4) You will now see any feedback that has been provided to you. This feedback is tailored to each test, so it is possible that you wont see feedback in the same way for each unit. Some units will give you more information then others.

How to View Your Assessment Feedback in My Grades