eLearning Activities

Following the announcement made by the President, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, on Friday 13th March regarding the transition to teaching online, the eLearning team has supported plans and allocated team members to co-ordinate activities in your across the faculty. Our initial priority has been supporting face to face teaching activities, ensuring the lectures were transfered to online means and ensuring online Alternative assessments across the Faculty.

While we have been co-ordinating the immediate response to the changes in our Faculty, we have also been hard at work preparing for our future. This activity has included; liasing the the Central University teams, attending 20-21 academic year programme meetings, software investigations, training plans, support plans as well as many other aspects of work which come with online learning.

We are exited to soon finally start the delivery of our new services and hope to have everything up and running soon. In the coming days and weeks, you can look forward to hearing more about:

  • Online Training and support for our teaching staff
  • Events to help our staff adapt to online learning
  • Streamlined methods for Teaching staff to get help through new “first points of contact”

While the world and the university is still in these unprecidented times, we cannot promise that we have every answer that you are looking for immediatly, but you can expect that we will do everything that we can to help and support you through the following weeks and months. As change is now occuring on an almost daily basis, we will continue to update our site over the summer. If you are interested in keeping abreast of the most recent updated from our team, please follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/FBMHeLearning