Reviewed: 06/12/2019

This page is for the essay submissions in either Semester 1 of BIOL10000 : Draft Tutorial Essay, or the MEDN10000 Year 1 PEP Individual Report. In the following, the work that is being submitted will be referred to as simply “Essay”.

BIOL10000: Both Draft and Final Essay are submitted via BIOL10000 Tutorial Blackboard site.
MEDN10000: Draft Essay is submitted to MEDN10000 Blackboard site, Final Essay is submitted into Medlea.

Submitting your Tutorial essay (Draft or Final version)

Within this task you have links to “DRAFT essay submission” and “FINAL essay submission” (BIOL10000 only).

When you click on the essay submission link within this learning module you will see a screen like the one shown here

Click on ‘Submit’ and you will be taken to this screen

Leave the submission method as ‘single file upload’ and in the submission title box put your Advisor’s/Supervisors surname followed by your student ID number (usually starts with a 7 or a 5, it is 7 (or 8) digits long and can be found on your swipecard), followed by the unit code (BIOL10000 or MEDN10000). e.g. BOAM7431178BIOL10000

Locate your essay on your computer using the Browse button and click ‘upload’. You will get the following screen with your essay (unformatted) displayed in the box – PLEASE NOTE: at this point your essay has not been submitted, so if you close the screen, you will not have submitted anything!

Check that this is the correct essay and click on ‘submit’ (if it is incorrect click on ‘return to upload page’ and start again). You will then get the following screen showing that you have successfully submitted your essay.

If you click on ‘go to portfolio’ you will get the following screen, showing that your submission has been accepted.

Once you have submitted your essay Turnitin will compare it with a wide variety of sources and produce an originality report. It may take from several minutes to an hour to generate the report, therefore it is best to logout and do something else for a while (do not leave your draft submission until the last minute, as this will give you no time to obtain and review your originality report before the deadline).

Once your originality report has been generated (you will need to close and re-open the Turnitin page because it does not automatically refresh), you will get a screen with the originality report showing a percentage match and corresponding coloured bar.

The colour of the bar depends on what percentage of the document has been found to be identical to one or more electronic sources (plagiarised) but is only a crude measure.

If you click on ‘View’ you will be able to view your submission. You will then need to click on ‘Originality’ in the top left hand corner to view your originality report, which will be similar to the one below

Please see the page: “Interpretation of the originality report” for the University’s guidelines on interpreting your originality report.

SBS – BIOL/MEDN10000 – Tutorial Draft Essay Submission