Reviewed: 06/12/2019

The following instructions cover submission of: Dissertation, EDM report, Literature Review, Final Year Project, First year essay and several other pieces of work. For this reason the work to be submitted is referred to as simply “Essay” in the following instructions.

Uploading “Essays” into the TurnItIn system can take several minutes and occasionally documents are too large to be uploaded. This means that you need to be prepared and submit in plenty of time BEFORE the deadline. Leaving uploading to the last minute means that you risk missing the deadline and losing marks.


Video Guide:


This short guide will give you step by step instructions on submitting your essay into Blackboard using the Plagiarism detection software: Turn-It-In.

1) Go into your course

2) Access the link that has been provided for you to submit your essay

3) You should now see the following page:

4) Click the “Submit” button next to the assignment that you are due to submit

5) You will now receive the “Submit paper: step 1 of 3” page:

Your name will be added automatically. In the “Submission Title” box, add your supervisors surname (or unit coordinators surname if appropriate), followed by your Library card number (first 7 digits only) and the code of the unit (for example: REECE1234567BIOL30101)

6) Click the one of the buttons that allow you to locate your essay “Choose from this computer” OR “Choose From Dropbox” OR “Choose from Google Drive”, a pop up box will appear, locate/select your essay and click the “Open” Button.

7) Click “Upload”

8) It may take a minute to upload your file.

Once your file has been loaded you are automatically taken to the “Step 2 of 3” page (below) which requires you to confirm that this is the correct file to upload. Please be aware that at this point your work has NOT been submitted and you must complete this next step for it to be submitted.

9) You are shown a preview of an unformatted, image-less version of your essay in this screen, you should check this to ensure that all of your document has been FULLY uploaded and that there are no missing pages. If you are sure that this was the document you wished to submit and you can confirm that the “title” fits the naming guidelines (e.g. REECE1234567BIOL20000), then click the “Confirm” button. (Note: if this is not the correct document or you have named the document incorrectly then click the “Cancel” link, this will take you back to Step 1)

10) You will now be given a digital receipt with a preview of your unformatted document. You should take a copy of this receipt (either via printing or printing to a PDF and saving electronically) as proof that you have submitted:

Congratulations you have now submitted your work.

You may decide that you would like to double check that your work has been uploaded or get a copy of your digital receipt. To do this:

1) Re-enter the assignment

2) The last button on the submission page is a “download” button, if you hover over this button with your cursor you will be given the option to download a copy of your submitted paper or a copy of your digital receipt. If you are not given these options then you have not yet submitted anything for the assignment.

You may decide that you wish to update the work and overwrite your submission. In this case you should click the ‘resubmit’ button and complete the process again.

Uploading Your Essay (via Blackboard and Turn-It-In)