Student comments at SSLC have helped us to identify course units that were effectively converted to online teaching. Case studies for those units are presented here to help share best practice. In each case, the unit lead will explain what they did and why in their own words. The eLearning teams have also identified the training resources that would best help you to follow similar principles in your own teaching.

Dr. Katie Twomey, HCDI30531

HCDI30531 boasts a redesigned course structure for the move to online teaching, making it simpler for students to find information and keep track of their learning journey. Extensive interactivity with students has also been built in.

Dr. Ben Chapman, BIOL21221

BIOL21221 makes use of pre-recorded lectures and interactive weekly workshops for the move to online teaching. Engagement is actively encouraged and Ben shares his tips on how to make the most of online workshops.

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