Reviewed: 06/12/2019

Uploading images onto the internet is not always as easy as just clicking the “Upload” button. Digital cameras and scanners provide you with digital images of extremely high quality that could (if you wanted to), use them as part of large posters, these files also tend to have a very large file size. This presents a problems when uploading your images online directly from your scanner or camera, because people with slower internet connections will spend a long time trying to view your image, or alternatively, the image will fill the screen and become virtually un-viewable.

To avoid this, you should always resize your image before putting it online. This short guide will demonstrate how to do this using a programme that you can find online at

pixlr is a cross platform web based image manipulation tool that runs in a web browser. The video is 47s. The text version of the guide is as follows:

  • Open, click open from My Computer. Find your file.
  • Click on the “properties” menu icon within pixlr, click Resize Image.
  • Chose an appropriate size; between 200 and 600 on the longest edge is good for online reproduction.
  • Press ‘apply’.
  • Choose the save button at the bottom of the window to download your resized image.
How to Re-Size an Image