Reviewed: 06/12/2019

When submitting an essay online, we ask for all written work handed in online to be in the .pdf format. This is because a .pdf file will retain consistent formatting across all devices on which it is viewed. This is in contrast to other file types (for example, .doc, .docx, .txt etc) which can lose their formatting when viewed on certain devices. Formatting as a .pdf removes the possibility of this happening.

Many computers available to you already have PDF creators installed (for example the PC Clusters¬†already contain this software) and ready for you to use, below are instructions on how to create PDF’s on the most commonly available platforms:

How to make a .pdf when using Microsoft Word 2010 (available on University PCs)

How to make a .pdf on a Mac

In some cases you may wish to download a PDF creator to your home PC, these can be readily found on the internet (e.g., however if you choose to use one of these software’s then you need to ensure that the software you obtain does not insert a branded watermark onto your final PDF file, as these can cover vital aspects of your work.

How to make a PDF