Live and Asynchronous Lectures, Seminars and Small Group Teaching (Tutorials) via Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an inbuilt tool of our Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment that enables you to:

  • run live online lectures and seminars
  • record lectures and seminars (live or recording on your own for later)
  • run synchronous help sessions
  • run small group teaching online such as tutorials
  • enable students to talk to one another with no staff interference

Blackboard Collaborate vs. Zoom

Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom have been being used interchangeably recently; this is because both have unique selling points when used for meetings, teaching or online get-togethers.

Blackboard Collaborate is preferrable when:

  • You want your attendees to enter the room from your Blackboard course
  • You want to ensure that the attendees are only from your Blackboard course.
  • You wish to allow students on your course to talk to each other without your interference.
  • You have up to 500 students attending (note: student numbers exceeding 250 need an additional setting added).

Zoom is preferable when you:

  • Know that at least one of your attendees may have limited internet speeds

At the moment, there is a limit on these systems as to the number of users who can enter a session at the same time. 300 users for Zoom, 250 for regular Blackboard Collaborate sessions with an optional increase to 500 for large sessions.

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