Below is a checklist you can use when planning or evaluating your course unit space in Blackboard. Clicking on the purple links in the list below will take you to a page with further information as well as bringing together the drivers behind each point, for example, TLSO guidance or NSS questions.



Download the Assessment checklist (pdf)


Assessment (Programme)

  • Does the volume, timing and nature of assessment enable students to demonstrate the extent to which they have achieved the intended learning outcomes?
  • Has a concentration of assessments at particular times been avoided?
  • Has excessive and unnecessary assessment been avoided?
  • Is assessment clearly linked to the intended learning outcomes?
  • Have an appropriate variety of assessment methods been used?
  • Does the overall assessment pattern allow students to reflect upon and embed their learning?
  • Are grade descriptors consistent across the programme and readily accessible?

Assessment (Course Unit)

  • Is there an assessment area for the course unit giving information about how and when the unit will be assessed and the assessment weighting?
  • Is each assessment clearly linked to the relevant intended learning outcomes?
  • Is clear information given in advance about each assessment task, together with the marking schema or marking criteria?
  • Are students offered the opportunity to clarify what is required of them by the assessment task, to help them understand the level and depth of learning they are expected to demonstrate?
  • “Is there an opportunity for formative assessment?”


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