The Blackboard Grade Centre stores all student grades and submission data for Blackboard assignments and tests in a course. It is possible to manually mark submissions from the Grade Centre, and it can be used to calculate overall weighted grades or averages for multiple assessments.

Navigating the Grade Centre

The Grade Centre is accessed from the control panel. Expand the ‘Grade Centre’ section to display the links.

Needs Marking will take you to a list of items that need to be manually graded, such as written assignments, journal or blog entries, or graded discussion boards. There is more information on this in the ‘Grade Details and Needs Marking’ section below.

Full Grade Centre is the default view and shows all data. Underneath this you may have other links to ‘smart views’ which show customisable sections of the Grade Centre.

Watch the following video for a general tour of the default layout.

Watch the following video for instructions on creating a smart view. More information on smart views is available here.

A general tour and look at the default layout and smart views.

Grade Centre Columns

Watch the following video to learn how to show and hide grades to students (including what not to do!) and how to organise your Grade Centre columns.

Watch the following video to learn about weighted total and total columns, and how to set the external grade.

More information on the the different types of columns and the external grade is available here.

Learn how to show and hide grades to students, organise columns and generate weighted totals.

Grade Details and the ‘Needs Marking’ page

Grade Centre Symbols
  • Blue circle = attempt in progress (see the video on viewing and editing grade details and attempts for how to submit on a students behalf)
  • Orange triangle = mark has been manually changed
  • Yellow exclamation mark = attempt requires manually marking (see manual marking at the bottom of this section)
Quick Edits

To quickly edit a student mark in the Grade Centre:

  • Navigate to the relevant cell in the Grade Centre
  • Click in the cell and type the new mark using your keyboard
  • Press ‘enter’
  • The manual edit will now be indicated by a little orange triangle as in the image below
View and Edit Grade Details and Attempts

Watch the following video to learn how to view student attempts and grade details, how to ignore or exempt an attempt, how to manually override a mark, and how to submit an ‘in progress’ attempt on a students behalf.

More information on grade details is available here.

Manual Marking

Submissions in Blackboard sometimes require manual marking. Blackboard assignments are usually file or text uploads which can’t be auto marked, and Blackboard assessments can include essay questions which also require attention. When items like this are submitted they are indicated in the Grade Centre by a yellow exclamation mark.

Watch the following video to learn how to manually mark student submissions and use the ‘Needs Marking’ page.

More information on the ‘Needs Marking’ page is available here.

Learn what to do with student results, including quick editing grades, looking at attempts and submission details, ignoring/exempting submissions and manual marking using the ‘Needs Marking’ page.

Working Offline

It is possible to download Grade Centre data and work with it offline.

Watch the following video for instructions on how to download the grade centre data as a spreadsheet and re-upload once edited.

More information on working offline is available here.

Learn how to download grade centre data and edit offline.

Marking Exams on Blackboard

See one of our academics in action marking exams.

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