Below is a checklist you can use when planning or evaluating your course unit. Clicking on the purple links in the list below will take you to a page with further information as well as bringing together the drivers behind each point, for example, TLD guidance or NSS questions.


Feedback checklist (PDF)

Information about feedback

  • Does the the course unit have an online Feedback area that clearly explains the feedback mechanism the unit will follow?
  • Is clear information given about how and when students can expect to receive feedback, including formative feedback?
  • Are students offered opportunities to:
    • clarify what constitutes feedback?
    • understand their responsibility to act upon feedback?
    • learn how to make effective use of feedback?

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Timing of feedback

  • Is the feedback provided in a timely fashion?
  • Are students allowed sufficient time to reflect upon and consider how to make use of feedback prior to embarking upon forthcoming assessments?

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Content of feedback

  • Does the feedback reflect the learning outcomes, marking criteria, and grade descriptors (where grades are awarded)?
  • Are there opportunities for the student to receive formative feedback?
  • Is the feedback tailored to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does the feedback help the student understand:
    • the marks or grades they have received for the work submitted?
    • how their performance might be improved in future (feed forward)?
    • Does the feedback contain positive, encouraging comments where possible as well as pointers for future improvement?

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