All staff and students are advised to use the ‘Turnitin – A Complete Guide’ (link below) as the authoritative University guidance for Turnitin.

Turnitin – A Complete Guide

The University of Manchester’s guidance on the use of Turnitin.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin (TII) is an internet-based tool that combines assignment submission, plagiarism detection and online marking. It is accessed via Blackboard, allowing instructors to set up submission areas in their course units where their students can upload essays, presentations, and other pieces of work. TII then automatically scans the document for signs of plagiarism.

Whilst not a replacement for the traditional methods used by academics to identify plagiarism, it can reduce the time spent investigating possible cases, and act as a deterrent. To determine whether there are grounds for an accusation of plagiarism, staff would need to review the Turnitin report in detail and use their academic judgment. 

The following guides are based on common Turnitin queries:

Setup guides

How to add a Turnitin Submission Inbox

Instructions on how to create TII submissions using the Turnitin Assignment (Current) pathway.

How to set up the PeerMark Tool

PeerMark enables students to peer-review any piece of work submitted through Turnitin.

How to set up a Turnitin Rubric

Guidance on how to create a Turnitin rubric or grading form.

Marking Guides

Marking and Feedback with Feedback Studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio enables staff to check originality and mark students’ work online, using various feedback options such as direct annotation, Bubble / QuickMark comments, etc.

Voice Comments

How to use the voice comments option in Turnitin; an alternative to written feedback.

Mark Turnitin assignments by group

How to view submissions by student group to effectively share marking loads between various markers.

Downloading documents from Turnitin

Guide for downloading material from Turnitin, such as the Grade Report, Submission List, Original Files, Standard / GradeMark PDFs, and Submission Receipts.

Identifying late submissions

This guide will help you to determine if a student has uploaded their Turnitin submission late.

Plagiarism and originality checking guides

Plagiarism results from a Turnitin essay

Guide for viewing the Similarity Report generated by Turnitin.

Reading a Similarity Report

Guide for interpreting the results obtained from a Similarity Report.

Guides for Students

Turnitin: A Student Guide to submitting an assignment

Guidance for students on how to submit their assignments to Turnitin.

Turnitin: A Student Guide to downloading feedback

Guide for students for viewing feedback left by tutors.

Turnitin: Errors when submitting assignments

Common errors that may be encountered by students submitting an assignment.

Updated July 2023