VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that can include text, images, documents, audio and video, and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in several ways – using voice, text, audio or video. VoiceThreads can be created by staff or students, and be graded or un-graded. VoiceThread is integrated into Blackboard so there is no software to install.

Using VoiceThread

The FBMH eLearning Team have evaluated VoiceThread and have found that it is excellent for creating a multimedia discussion between yourself and your students, as well as its other functions.

We recommend that after completing the training on VoiceThread that you and several colleagues test the system to ensure that it functions as you expect and that the end product is what you envisaged.

Further Information and Support for VoiceThread

Training for VoiceThread is provided by our colleagues in the Faculty of Humanities.

Blackboard’s Guide to VoiceThread

Blackboard has its own resources for users who wish to incorporate VoiceThread into their teaching.