Nearpod is a cross-platform, device agnostic, and easy to use way to engage your students with interactive activities, connect them through collaborative discussions, and gain instant insight into student learning through formative assessments on Nearpod.

Nearpod allows interactive polls, quizzes, missing word tasks, drawing and labelling tasks, collaboration boards and much more.

Nearpod runs as an app, so students will require a suitable device, such as an Apple or Android mobile phone. There is also a web interface, so a desktop or laptop computer can also be used.

If used in a live lesson, the lecturer will also require a device (we reccomend that the lectern computer is not used to manage Nearpod in the classroom).

Nearpod can be run Asynchronously or Synchronously.

Asynchronous (Student Paced)

The student is given a code to access content in their own time, using the app or the website.

Synchronous (Live Lesson)

Content is presented to students synchronously and controlled by the lecturer in real time.

Feedback from polls, quizzes, collaboration boards, etc. can be shared back to students, also in real time.

We recommend that lecturers are not too ambitious until you are familiar with the technology; for your first lecture using Nearpod, try running a simple poll or a quiz at the end of a lecture.

Recently, because of the current restrictions we have experimented with running interactive live Nearpod lessons over Zoom; we are not currently recommending this approach for general use because of its complexity, but we are available to discuss specialised set ups.


Sign up for a free account at using your Manchester email address. Free accounts have some limitations, however you should be able to get a feel of how to set up Nearpod lessons.

Take a look at the online training resources provided by Nearpod.

Experiment, and have some fun! (try setting up a “pub quiz” for your friends).

Individual or group training can be tailored to your requirements, please see the FBMH eLearning pages for details.

Following training, we can upgrade licenses where necessary.

1:1 (or small group) Training

Once you have finished the online learning content, you may wish to have some 1:1 training, or have yourself and your team be trained together. To arrange an appropriate time for your training, please contact Austin Lockwood:

Please note that you are expected to have completed the online training component before booking a live training session.

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