What is curriculum design?

Curriculum design focuses on the overall shape and purpose of your course units. It allows you to create a flow of activities over a semester that is aligned to learning outcomes, and has appropriate formative and summative assessment points. Whether you are designing a new unit, or revising a unit you currently run, curriculum design in a useful way to make sure the high level overview of the unit is appropriate, without the distraction of designing individual lessons and resources.

Why ABC?

The eLearning team has chosen to offer curriculum design workshops based on the ABC method because it is quicker and more agile than many other methods, such as Carpe Diem or enABLe. Where those methods can take several days or involve multiple meetings, ABC workshops are completed within 2–3 hours. Although this means that your design will not be fully finalised and complete within the session, it makes it much easier to fit in around other commitments. By the end of the workshop, you will have an overall design and an action plan, and you are then able to continue to develop this on a schedule that suits you.

How do I book?

If you have any questions about the ABC workshops, we recommend you look at the pre-sessional content on this site. It gives you an introduction to the method, and explains some of the modifications we’ve made to better fit ABC to the University of Manchester’s strategic goals. We also have a case study here. If you decide this is for you, you can contact Ryan Metcalfe (ryan.metcalfe@manchester.ac.uk) or Lisa Donlan (lisa.donlan@manchester.ac.uk) in the eLearning team to discuss your needs and make the necessary arrangements.

Pre-sessional Content

You should review these materials ahead of your session to ensure you are fully prepared to get the most out of your workshop.

Post-sessional Content

After your workshop, you will find these materials helpful for planning the next steps in your curriculum design journey.