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Most UK universities have now implemented the online submission of student work, a fact confirmed by a 2021 Jisc survey that found the adoption of electronic management of assessment (or EMA) has doubled in the past seven years.

In FBMH, we support a number of online assessment tools, as listed below. Click on the relevant tool to find out more.

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Summative and Formative Tests in Blackboard

Learn how to add Blackboard Tests into courses for both Summative and Formative learning activities.

Blackboard Assignments

Blackboard’s own Assignments tool. If you are collecting posters or videos from your students, this may be a preferred choice over Turnitin.


Particularly useful for instructors working with handwritten, paper-based assessments, code projects, etc. The tool also allows for efficient scanning of paper-based assignments and offers handwritten text recognition and automated AI-assisted marking.


Turnitin (TII) combines assignment submission, plagiarism detection and online marking. It is accessed via Blackboard, allowing instructors to set up submission areas in their course units. 

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