Updated September 2020


Blackboard contains its own Assignments tools which will allow you to enable students to submit work, mark online, check for plagiarism (using SafeAssign) and deliver feedback to students.

The Blackboard Assignment tool can have advantages over TurnItIn when your students are submitting pieces of work that are not text or essay based. For example, you can ask students to submit posters or multimedia (such as videos) into this system. On the other hand, TurnItIn currently has a larger database for plagiarism checking and may catch more plagiarism.


Help in creating your Blackboard Assignment can be found on Blackboards Help pages here. Please ignore sections pertaining to “Blackboard Ultra” which is a different system then that used at UoM. These pages include information on:

  • How to create assignments
  • Settings
  • How to download assignments
  • How to use Safe Assign for plagiarism checking

If you would like to practice making assignments use your sandpit course. Don’t have a sandpit? Find out how to get one here. You will need to be logged into the Support Centre.

Once you start to practice making your assignments, use your Student Preview to pretend to submit a paper, so that you can later “Mark” some work.

Special Assignment Type: Video Submissions

If you are asking your students to create a piece of work that is a video, you have two choices for submission: VoiceThread and Blackboard Assignments.  You may choose to use Blackboard Assignments if you would like the student submissions to be private between you and each student (as apposed to the whole class seeing).

If you would like to run a video assignment, you set up your assignment as you normally would, however pass the instructions about uploading videos (in the section below) to students. Students will upload their videos to the Video service and then locate an embed code to input into the text submission area of your assignment.

Student Guides for Submission of Assignments

To help you get up and running, here are some of our guides that you can release to students who will be wanting to submit:

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