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Welcome to our dedicated page for the Canvas transition within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health.
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Useful links: Flexible Learning Project | Canvas 101 Introductory Video | Contact FBMH eLearning

Although general staff access to Canvas isn’t available yet, it’s crucial to start preparing yourself and your courses for the upcoming transition. We recommend beginning with a thorough cleanup of your existing Blackboard courses to ensure they are in optimal condition for the move.

Organising Your Course Unit

Course Assessment Checklist

Course Feedback Checklist

Course Accessibility Checklist

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As we prepare to transition our teaching materials from Blackboard to Canvas, we acknowledge that some resources may now be outdated or in need of some attention, especially those that were created pre-2020 using unsupported applications. The team are here to help identify these legacy resources and where possible, assist you in transferring them to Canvas. If a transfer is not feasible, we will aim to provide alternative solutions for their continued use.

If you believe your course includes such resources, please fill out the form linked below and we will be in touch soon to work through the next best steps.

Time for Canvas Implemntation as provided by the Flexible Learning Project team

Should you find that you have any questions relating to the transition, or are simply looking for someone to bounce some ideas off, the faculty eLearning team are always here to help. We’re sure you know by now how to reach us, but if not, head over to our contact page at the link below.