Organising your Blackboard course unit space

Below is a checklist you can use when planning or evaluating your course unit space in Blackboard. Clicking on a link in the list below will take you to a page with further information as well as bringing together the drivers behind each point, for example, TLSO guidance or NSS questions. The general principles outlined here can be applied equally to other learning environments such as Canvas and Showbie.

Download: Checklist for organising your course unit space (pdf)


  • Does the banner on the homepage feature the unit name?
  • Is the launch page consistent with the programme’s other course units?
  • Is navigation and signposting for the main content areas and tools consistent with the programme’s other course units?
  • Is there a Welcome and Introduction area outlining the purpose of the unit, unit aims and other crucial aspects of the course unit?
  • Are the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) for the course unit clearly stated?
  • Is there a clearly labelled Assessment area, containing information about assessment and how feedback will be given?
  • Is there a clearly labelled Communication area, with Announcements and a Discussion Board, where used?
  • Is there a reading list featuring links to digital journals, digitised chapters or items for loan or reference in the library?
  • Have students from different disciplines or programmes, but who are sharing the same course unit, been sorted into groups to provide them with a custom view?
  • Have links to any unused tools or content areas been hidden, until such time as they are made use of?
  • Are the files in course management > files > local folder well organised and current?
  • Have old Turnitin assignments and grade columns that were copied over from a previous year been removed?