Organising students, files and tools


You can assign students or cohorts to groups in Blackboard and then use adaptive release to customise their view of the unit; for example, where T&L content, activities or assessment are slightly different and need to be tailored accordingly.

groups tool

If you would like some training on how to set up groups, you can find it here.

If you would like some training on how to adaptively release content, you can find it here.

File management in Blackboard

The rollover of course units year on year can result in your Blackboard course unit Files folder (i.e. Content Collection) containing 100s of unsorted items, many being duplicates or out of date. It is recommended that the Files folder is regularly maintained and individual files sorted into folders, especially when there are several contributors to a course unit.

If you would like to remind yourself of how to use the Content Collection area, there is guidance here.

Tool management in Blackboard

It is recommended that old grade centre columns and Turnitin assignments are deleted and started afresh each year, as column management can otherwise prove complicated.

If you would like training on how to manage the Blackboard Grade Centre, you can find it here.