What is WordPress?

WordPress is the platform that the eLearning Team use for hosting Programme level handbooks. At this time, we are not using our WordPress accounts for regular teaching content delivery.

Over the last several years, the University has been trying to decrease its use of paper and provide handbooks which can be corrected when required. This decreases the cost for printing.

Given the Covid-19 situation, it may be wise for some Programmes to consider removing paper based handbooks to maintain social distancing and decrease the chance of a physical handbook being contaminated and shared.

Examples of Handbooks

To take a look at some of the handbooks that were used in the faculty last year, click here.

Set-up and Training

If you wish to make the transision to online handbooks, you will need to talk to the eLearning Team to get a handbooks space set up and to have your Programme staff trained on how to update the space. To get started with this process, please email FBMHcontact@manchester.ac.uk

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