Close-up of a camera lens.

Training and Guides

This section will cover the different types of video resources you may be looking to create.


Tips you should familiarise yourself with before proceeding to create a video type below.

Shooting on a smartphone

An informative video from the BBC on using a smartphone to record video.

Talking heads

Used mainly to introduce a course, unit or section of content.


Between two or more people.

Video lectures

AKA Podcasts or lecture capture. With or without webcams.

Reuse of previously recorded presentations

How to edit and reuse your previously recorded videos for the new academic year, to save you time and effort when preparing your content.

Camtasia & Snagit (Staff Only)

Camtasia and Snagit are screen recorders and video/image editors that allow you to create professional-looking videos and images on Windows and Mac.


Editing the output from the above methods with basic trimming (with the Video Portal web editor) or more in-depth editing (with ShotCut).


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a package that allows you more flexibility with creating video materials at the cost of a little time.

Further resources

Items of interest not referenced in the above training materials.

University Brand Guidelines
Introduction to splash graphics, fonts to use and suggested formats.

Embedding a YouTube video in Blackboard