The Blackboard system allows you to test almost all parts of your content via the use of a “Preview User” which you can activate on your course. The 2 minute video below goes through how to use this part of the system.

Starting Point and Learning Outomes

Before you start the training you should:

  • Have access to Blackboard and know how to enter a course.
  • Be enrolled on a Blackboard course which you can practice in or have a “sandpit” which you can work in.
  • Be able to create content in Blackboard

If you need training on any of these areas, please take a look at our Basic Blackboard Training Pages for more information.

By the end of this video you should be able to:

  • Be able to switch on a preview user.
  • Be able to test most of your content as a student.
  • Know how to switch off and delete a preview user
  • Know how to switch off a preview user while keeping it as a “student” in your Blackboard course.

Other relevant training and information

The preview user works alongside other tools in the Blackboard system which are not covered here, such as:

Post Training Support

For help with advice on the test user, come and ask someone on our chat service between 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm daily.


The preview user allows you to access your course in the same way that a regular student would. This is extreamly helpful for checking the content that you have created. You start by entering your Blackboard course and when you are ready, switching on the preview user.

Please note that testing Blackboard tools and setup will always function with this preview user, however there are some external tools which will not function with the preview user, as the preview is not a real account. For example: TurnItIn.

2 Minute Video Training: