Creating quality text-based content using Blackboard’s inbuilt tools

This training is designed to demonstrate how to use Blackboard “Items” in order to present written or embedded content to students in a more visually pleasing manner.

Training outline

  1. Online self-study module (covered here)
  2. Optional: Drop-in with a member of the eLearning Team
  3. Optional: Peer Support via Viva Engage (previously known as Yammer)

Starting Point and Learning Outcomes

Before you start the training, you should:

  • have access to Blackboard and know how to enter a course
  • be enrolled on a Blackboard course which you can practice in or have a “sandpit” which you can work in (activate yours using these instructions: Blackboard Staff: Activate a playground space)
  • be able to use basic text editing within Blackboard using Blackboard Items.

By the end of this training, you should:

  • be able to edit Items/Folders/Content to be more visually pleasing.

Post Training Support Workshop and Viva Engage Community

After you have finished this self-led training module (below), if you wish to gain extra advice or help, please visit our Contacts page. In addition, the FBMH eLearning Team have set up a technical peer support group to engage the teaching community in peer help and sharing best practice. Join the group by logging onto Viva Engage and clicking here.

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