To celebrate 200 years of excellence in education at the University of Manchester and to usher in our future Central Learning Environment by 2025, the eLearning team will be releasing a series of events and resources aimed at improving digital education in the faculty.

Join us throughout the 23-24 academic year as we look into new and upcoming technologies, take a deep dive into the excellent teaching and learning we have already, learn how to plan courses that students can excel within and prepare for our next adventure as our Digital Estate transforms.

The Gift of Digital Development: The Christmas Advent Calendar

🎄🌟🎅 Ho-Ho-Ho, FBMH Faculty! The eLearning Team’s festive elves have been working their digital magic to bring you an extra special treat this holiday season! 🧝✨

📅 Introducing the FBMH eLearning Team’s Christmas Advent Calendar! 🎁🚀 Behind each twinkling window, discover up to 90 seconds of merry content designed to enhance your online teaching and learning journey. 🎅👨‍🏫

🎁 What’s inside, you ask? It’s a digital wonderland! Some windows have FREE licenses of software waiting to be unwrapped like a Christmas gift! 🎁🎉 Others lead you to valuable training resources to sharpen your e-teaching skills. 🌐📚 And guess what? There are windows filled with helpful tips and hints, like Santa’s little helpers guiding you through the snowy landscape of digital education. ❄️🤶

🛠️ Need some extra tools for your digital workshop? No worries! Some windows reveal digital teaching and design tools that will have you singing “Jingle Bells” in the language of tech-savvy educators! 🔧🎶

🎄 Feel like opening all the windows at once or savouring the excitement day by day? The choice is yours! 🗓️🎉 But wait, there’s more! If a particular topic catches your eye, you can explore it further and become the master of your digital sleigh. 🛷💻

Facing Your Biggest Fears This Halloween?

Welcome to the Halloween season, where we understand what sends shivers down the spines of our dedicated teaching staff. That’s right – struggling students, lacklustre lecture content, and disappointing unit evaluation scores! As part of FBMH eLearning’s Digital Discovery Series, the team has conjured up a Halloween-themed video to show you how to access our support and, most importantly, help banish your worst nightmares for good.

Best viewed with sound:

Training Courses Open for Booking

Mentimeter Training
Tuesday 5th December (10-12pm)

Dive into the world of Menti – the UoM tool for transforming undergraduate lectures into captivating, interactive learning experiences. With our Menti training, you’ll unlock the ability to seamlessly integrate live polls, quizzes, and engaging activities into your classroom presentations. Say goodbye to passive learning and hello to active participation. Empower your undergraduate students to get involved and make your lectures truly unforgettable.

Camtasia & Snagit Training
Next training date TBC

Our first session took place on 23rd November and further workshops are scheduled for early 2024.
In the mean time, we have created a self-led training package, complete with supporting media files, that you can work through at your own pace.

Session Materials: Engaging Interactivities

On 11th October 2023, we held an online showcase that explored the transformative potential of Camtasia (interactive video), Snagit (screen capture), and Mentimeter (live voting) for the purpose of active blended learning. This academic event was tailored to educators, researchers, and staff keen on enhancing their teaching methodologies within higher education using cutting-edge software. You can access session materials, including the recording of the session from the link on the right.

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