As active and blended learning continues to grow across the higher education sector, we’re here to ensure that all teaching staff feel equipped and confident in their ability to enhance teaching through digital means. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, it is essential that educators not only adopt new technologies, but also understand how to effectively integrate them into their pedagogical strategies. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and training so that every member of teaching staff can leverage digital tools to create more engaging, interactive, and effective learning environments.


You’ll find the date of our next session over on the team’s central training page.

The live session is ideal for all staff involved in the development and delivery of learning materials across any discipline at The University of Manchester. Whether you are a seasoned educator or new to digital teaching methods, this training will provide valuable insights and practical skills to enhance your teaching practice.

Describe active learning and blended learning.

Explain the role of technology in enhancing teaching and learning.

Apply good practices in designing digitally-enhanced active and blended learning.

Identify professional development needs and opportunities regarding DELT.

Choose university-supported learning technology to meet teaching needs.

Identify professional development needs and opportunities regarding DELT.

Pre-Session Materials

Get to grips with some of the key terms, test your existing knowledge, and read up on best practice.

Post-Session Materials

Including links to university-supported learning tools, further training opportunities and more.