Organisation and layout



Banners for new units or units where the title or course code have changed can be requested from the eLearning team. In case you are creating your own, the dimensions are 1000 x 75px.


Launch page

It is recommended that each course unit has a consistent entry point to assist navigability, for example: Homepage, Course Content or Noticeboard. The entry point of the course unit can be set in the control panel under Customisation > Teaching Style.

select course entry point



Students tell us that they value consistency of navigation features so that they know where to locate key elements when visiting a new course unit for the first time. By ‘consistent’, we mean recognisably similar, not necessarily identical. Therefore it is helpful for navigation to be consistent across all course units within a programme.

Since some programmes share course units with others, the easiest way to address this issue is to apply the standard Blackboard course structure (SCS) when you activate a course unit, or you can recreate it within an existing unit.

standard course structure menu


Are eLearning resources easily navigable and the online experience consistent; is the structure and signposting similar for each area?

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