Reviewed: 06/12/2019

NOTE: The following instructions cover submission of several pieces of work (including questionnaires, lab report write ups, short pieces of written work). For this reason the work to be reviewed is referred to as simply “Essay” and the action of reviewing/marking/providing feedback of the “Essay” is referred to as simply “Review”.

This short guide will give you step by step instructions on how to review another users “Essay” in Blackboard using the marking software “Peer Mark”.

1) Go into your course

2) Access the link that has been provided for you to review the “Essay”

3) You should now see the following page:

Image of Peer mark entry page

4) Click “Show Details” to see the work you are required to “Review” you should see a page that looks similar to this:

Expanding the "Show Details" areaa) This section indicates all the papers that you are required to review. If you have not submitted a paper for review (your own essay), it is possible that the unit co-ordinator will not permit you to complete the review process.

b) This section shows all the reviews of your submission. Once the deadline for reviews has passed you will be able to see the reviews that others gave about your work and any associated feedback. If you have not submitted a paper for review then you will not have anything in this section.

For each review that you are required to complete (indicated by the number of items in the “a” list):

5) click “Start Review”

6) The paper will open in a pop up window. If you click on a particular part of the text within the submission, you can annotate on top of this text.

Image of peer mark marking page

7) In the right hand menu (indicated within the green box above and expanded below), you may see a list of questions that you are required to answer as part of the review. In some cases these will have minimum numbers of words that you need to write.

Image showing questions before and after being completed

8) When you have adequately answered these questions, the progress bar will show that you have completed the minimum amount for this review (you should complete a thorough review, do not use the minimum word count as a stop point).
Note: if you have not completed the minimum number of words then the progress bar will indicate that your submission is incomplete, as in the examples below. Where you are being marked for completing reviews, a % of less then 100% on any individual review will cause you to get 0 marks for completing that review.

images of the progress bar in various stages of completion

9) When you have finished your review, you should click “save” and “submit” to complete your review.

10) The Peermark entry page now shows that you have completed this first review (below). Continue to the next review that you are required to complete until all reviews are complete.

Image of Peer mark entry page with a single review completed

Looking at your feedback for your submissions

After the given release date of the Peer-peer review feedback you will be able to view all the comments that reviewers made regarding your submitted essay. To do this, go back into the Peer-peer assignment and click “Show All”. You will now see this screen.

Image of peer mark page after peer review deadline

On the left you can still see the submissions that you reviewed, on the right, you can see all the reviews of your work (essay), click on each one to view it.

You will now see a copy of your essay with comments in the right hand column based on the criteria for the original submission.

Image of your submission with comments

Peer Review using Grademark