The restrictions put into place in response to covid-19 made clinical experiences impossible for Eleni’s students. In order to replicate this vital experience, a series of Zoom-based simulations were created in partnership with Dr Ariyaratnam. If you wish to run similar sessions for your students, information is available on our training pages for both Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a webinar system that is part of our VLE.

Although such simulations are useful for training students later on in their programmes, those at an earlier stage may benefit from a more controlled environment in which to practice their skills. This could be provided by creating a resource in PowerPoint using a series of hyperlinked slides to provide a more defined network of conversational options, in a similar way to that seen in video games or in choose your own adventure books. Such dialogue simulations can become complex, so planning is an important stage in their production. If you are interested in creating a resource like this, there is advice available on our training pages for doing so.