External partners, such as those in industry, can be easily included in both Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate sessions, for which we have assistance and guidance on our training pages.

Asynchronous teaching materials were prepared by Kathi using a combination of Rise and iSpring, two systems that are not currently covered by Faculty-level licences. If you wish to explore either of these options, please contact the FBMH eLearning team. Licenced software that can produce online resources includes both Softchalk and PowerPoint, both of which are accessible to any member of FBMH teaching staff.

If you wish to revise your assessment strategy to include online formative quizzes as used by Kathi, there is information on both the creation of Blackboard quizzes and the use of Adaptive Release rules based on quizzes to control access to content.

Although Kathi was able to begin from a blank slate, you may prefer to adapt materials you already have in place. As your students will be spending more time than they used to in Blackboard, you may wish to consider updating the visual design of the unit to aid student navigation and make the learning environment more attractive.