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What is LAMS?

LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) is an online authoring and learning environment specifically focused on supporting active and collaborative learning. Within the Faculty, LAMS is most commonly used in the creation and delivery of Team-Based Learning (TBL) [insert hyperlink to Intro to TBL page]; however, the wide variety of learning activities that LAMS offers means that the environment can support a diverse range of pedagogies.

The training and tutorials below provide a detailed introduction to the LAMS environment.

How do I access LAMS

To initially gain access to the LAMS environment, please contact Lisa Donlan (lisa.donlan@manchester.ac.uk) in the FBMH eLearning team. An account will be created for you and you will receive an email from LAMS INTERNATIONAL asking you to create a password.

Thereonin, you can access LAMS by visiting https://manchester.lamsinternational.com/ (Please note there are many different LAMS environments, so do ensure you are accessing the correct one with the university logo on the log-in page. This site cannot be accessed via search engines, so it will be useful to save/bookmark this URL.)

Your username will be your University of Manchester email address.

Your password will have been created by you when you first accessed LAMS. If you forget your password, please use the “Forgot your password?” link on the homepage to reset it.

What learning activities can I create on LAMS?

Click here to download a PDF that will provide an overview of the activities, tools, and features afforded by the LAMS environment

How do I create lessons on LAMS?

There are two ways that you can create lessons on LAMS. The first is by using the Learning Design Wizard, which is ideal if you are creating a standard TBL lesson [insert link to TBL introduction page]. The second way involves using the LAMS storyboarding tools to build your lesson from the various learning activity types available. You may also wish to combine the two methods, by first using the Learning Design Wizard and then employing the storyboarding tools to create a more complex design.

The first tutorial below will guide you through the process of creating a lesson with the Learning Design Wizard. The second will show you how to use the storyboarding tools, as well as edit existing lesson designs, and use advanced options to customise your learning activities

How do I deploy lessons to my course space and ensure they are ready for my students?

What do I need to know when using LAMS in class?

The following resource contains a general overview of what you know to control your lesson flow, monitor students’ progress, and support any issues that might arise with the use of LAMS in classroom environments. Please feel free to download and edit this Word document to ensure relevancy for your own teaching practices.

Troubleshooting log-in Issues

Further information and extra support

Once you have explored the tutorials above, if you have further questions about any aspect of LAMS, please contact the FBMH eLearning team.

You may also find the LAMS website to contain useful additional tutorials and information,

Updated August 2023

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