There are several types* of interactive slides available in Mentimeter. We’ve grouped some key ones below to help you decide which ones you might want to use in your next presentation. (Feel free to get creative, though!)

Interactive slides can help your students to:

Make a choice

To get your students to make a single specific choice, you can use a range of interactive slides including:

  • Multiple Choice 📊
  • Pin on Image 📌
  • Guess the Number #️⃣

Tip: If you have more than one Multiple Choice question, you can use vote segmentation to break down the results for one question by the answers to another. Find out more about using segmentation on Mentimeter’s website (opens in new tab).

Decide what’s important

You might want your students to rank things in various ways. As well as the Ranking slide type, you could use:

  • Scales ⚖️
  • 100 points 💯
  • 2 by 2 Grid 2️⃣

Express themselves

Enabling your students to express themselves is empowering. With Mentimeter, they can submit responses anonymously and gain confidence in their learning and contribution to the class.

You could prompt them to enter free text to answer or ask a question through the following slide types:

  • Open Ended 💬
  • Q&A
  • Word Cloud ☁️

    Word cloud.
  • Quick Form

Tip: You can also enable Q&A on all slides in your presentation if you’d like! Find out more about the different ways to hold Q&A sessions on Mentimeter’s website (opens in new tab).

Get competitive

You can quickly and easily set up a quiz competition in Mentimeter with Select Answer, Type Answer and Leaderboard slides. This will allow your students to compete against each other. By default, they will have an anonymous name and can keep it that way if they choose. This reduces pressure on your students and minimises embarrassment if they don’t do so well in the competition – they can take part and no one will know which avatar is theirs!

* Interactive slide types might change with future Mentimeter updates. We aim to keep our Training pages up-to-date, so if something looks wrong, please let us know!