Each user is assigned a role for each course they participate in. Roles are course-specific, and a user can only have one role per course.

The role a person is given will affect what tools they can access and actions they can carry out in a course. It is important to allocate the most suitable role for a member of staff, based on what they need to be able to see and do in a course.

You can view user roles by going to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users.

Here are the user roles we use on our Blackboard instance.

Blackboard (Bb) User RoleUser Role Code
Course LeaderP
Teaching AssistantT
eLearning SupportE
External ExaminerX
Course GuestU

To give you an understanding of the different user role types, the tables below summarise how each role interacts with the most common features in Blackboard.

Blackboard User Roles Guide
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