‘The Patient’s Journey’

This multi disciplinary learning event, led by Christine, involves collaboration with different professional programmes across the FBMH, such as Audiology, Midwifery, Pharmacy and Speech & Language Therapy. The aim of the session(s), based around a real life scenario, is to understand how different professionals and agencies can work together to get the best outcome for the patient.
In this case, Zoom seemed the ideal alternative to the usual face-to-face large group teaching session and the educators were able to make good use of the breakout rooms to allow small group discussions. More information on using Zoom in teaching is available via our training pages.
Nearpod was already being used successfully in the face-to-face sessions, but a redesign was required to increase interactive opportunities.  Used alongside Zoom, it allowed attendees to ‘brainstorm’ via the Collaborate activity, thereby actively engaging in the exchange of ideas. Information on Nearpod is available on our website.
The online adaptation of this event proved successful and student feedback was positive, to the extent that this method is likely to be used for future sessions,
If you wish to create a survey to gather feedback from your own students/colleagues, the University’s recommended survey tool is Qualtrics.  Our training page will give you more information on how to use it.