CARD’s online resources are based mainly on a combination of two technologies, Adobe Rise for asynchronous resources and Zoom for synchronous sessions. Rise is unfortunately not available through a university site licence, but if you contact your eLearning team they may be able to help you either acquire a licence for yourself or borrow a licence on a short-term basis (though please note licences are in very, very short supply).

Zoom, however, is available to all staff and students. Guidance is available for those wishing to lead a synchronous teaching session through Zoom. Guidance is also available for those who may wish to supplement their asynchronous resources with original video content, as CARD have done.

Finally, if you wish to create a survey to gather feedback from your users, the University’s recommended survey tool is now Qualtrics. If you wish to use this system, our training page will show you how to acquire a licence and create your surveys.