Paula’s consultation was directed at students on the Masters of Public Health (MPH) programme, a large distance learning course with global reach. The nature of their student body meant the consultation had to happen online, but you may also find it simpler or more convenient to consult your students in the same way. If so, you have several options.
Zoom is a useful way of talking to people at a distance, and it includes the options to separate participants into breakout rooms for small group discussions, and use polls. There is guidance available online for using Zoom in teaching, much of which would also be relevant to consultations. You can also use Blackboard Collaborate in a similar way.
The University’s chosen survey system is Qualtrics, which has replaced Select Survey and Lime Survey. If you want to use an online survey to gather information from your students, you can find information about Qualtrics on our website.
If you wish to make programme amendments, information is available on how to follow this process, including the levels of approval needed for different types of amendments.