Introduction to Tutorials

During the Start of Year, the SBS Student Support Office work to add all SBS students into appropriate Tutorial groupings within the BIOL10000/20000/30000 Blackboard sites. From the 2020 academic year, these groupings will be given more functionality to enable you to work with your students remotely and to allow the students to work together without you to facilitate.

Uploading files for my tutorial group

This is a brief guide on how you can best upload and link to files within Blackboard FOR YOUR TUTORIAL UNIT.

File Exchange

  1. Go to your group via the left hand menu  > click your name to expand the group.
  2. Choose “File Exchange”.
  3. Click “Add File”.
  4. Choose the file from your computer (or content collection, if the file is already uploaded).
  5. The file is now available to students. Students access this file by entering the course, clicking your name in the left-hand menu and clicking “File Exchange”.

Please note: The file exchange system allows equal access to upload and manage files to students as it does staff, meaning that students could accidentally delete files that you have uploaded.

SBS – Creating and Managing Tutorial Groups Via Blackboard