Reviewed: 02/01/2020

The eLearning Team host help guides regarding online Teaching and Learning on behalf of the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Health Sciences. Take a look below to see the guides available for your school.

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School of Biological Sciences

Guides for Courses Starting with BIOL

Below are a list of pieces of work that all undergraduates have to submit, which are then distributed to appropriate markers. Each page is a guide on how to mark that particular piece of work.

Practical Labs including EDM's and RSM's


Create and Manage your Tutorial Group on Blackboard: This guide enables you to use a group in Blackboard to provide your Tutorial group with files that only they can see.

Life Cycle

Each academic year goes through a particular lifecycle: Welcome week, semester 1 teaching, marking, first semester exams, etc. The guides in this area are tailored to help at specific points in the life cycle of a course. They include things like Course Unit Roll over.

Start of year video pages – A list of video guides to help roll over that correspond to the staff handbook (Updated July 2014)

School of Health Sciences