Practical work is an essential element in the teaching of our Programmes and presents a particular challenge in the context of distance learning. A workshop was held on 21 July to help with the first steps towards converting face-to-face practicals to an online equivalent.

This workshop considered approaches, resources and toolkits that will help you get started, develop and deliver online practicals, using available examples and talking to colleagues who have already undertaken this approach.

Online teaching resources database


To support academic colleagues moving to a blended/online learning model, we have compiled a list of online teaching resources in different subject areas that you may use or be inspired by. You can find the database here.

**Note: Not all resources listed on the database are free. If you are interested in a resource classed as “not free”, please contact the eLearning team to find out whether the University has a site license for it.**


Please note that this database is a living document. If you have encountered an interesting online teaching resource not listed on the database that you think would be useful to other University colleagues, we encourage you to add your new resource to the database so that everyone can benefit from it.


We want to hear your feedback! Please let us know if you found the database useful and/or how we could improve it. We would also like to hear if you have looked through the database, found an interesting resource and incorporated it into your teaching. Please follow this link to leave your feedback.


The handbooks produced as part of the neuroscience practical demonstrated in the session have been built in SoftChalk. This is available to FBMH staff, and training is available online. We advise that you look at the training before applying for a licence to make sure that SoftChalk is suitable for your needs.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

The Faculty of Humanities is supporting the use of Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Applications for licences are welcome from FBMH, and many useful help resources can be found online through the Humanities eLearning pages. The FBMH eLearning team is not supporting the use of Spark, so any queries should instead be directed to the Humanities team.

Although Creative Cloud Express is easy to use, it should be noted that there are some limitations in making content accessible and content is built online with no downloadable build files.

Producing videos

Training is available online for those wishing to produce videos as part of their online practicals. This includes advice on shooting different types of video, and on how to edit the video. If you need to request additional equipment to record content, please complete this form.

Practical Teaching Resources
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