Reviewed: 09/12/2019

Step 1: Adding your SoftChalk Lesson to ScoreCenter in SoftChalk Cloud
  • Make sure your lesson is uploaded to SoftChalk Cloud.
  • Add your lesson to ScoreCenter: ScoreCenter> My ScoreCenters> Create ScoreCenter
  • Fill in Properties. Under ‘Tracked Lessons’ your lesson should be listed in the available lessons column. Add this to the tracked lessons column.
  • Click ‘Create’.
  • Go back to My Content> My Lessons & Courses and click on your lesson name in the list. The Privacy should now read ‘Score Center’.
  • Scroll down, under ‘Share’ there will now be an LTI link available for you to copy and paste.
Step 2: Adding your ScoreCenter lesson to Blackboard
  • You may have to enable the LTI tool before creating your content. To do this, under Course Management in the left hand menu, go to Customisation> Tool Availability.
  • Make sure LTI is available (checked box in the ‘available’ column) and LTI Link is ‘available in content area’.
  • Navigate to where you would like your SoftChalk lesson to be available to students, for example Course Content.
  • Build Content> Web Link. Paste your LTI link from SoftChalk in the URL box (you must have completed step 1 above to obtain this).
  • Make sure ‘This link is to a tool provider’ is checked and ‘enable evaluation’ is set to ‘yes’.
  • Fill in total points possible, this will be linked to the Grade Center and My Grades.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
Enabling Softchalk Score Center via the LTI link in Blackboard
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