• If a student enquiry needs to be submitted to the eLearning team (both Jamie Weston specifically and the team in general), this can be done by a staff member on the students behalf.
  • You will need the students Username.
  • Whilst logged into LANDesk to the left hand side of the screen click on ‘Create Request.’


  • You will be directed to the request page, most of the sections should be highlighted in pink.


  • Enter the students Username, wait a few moments and the name will appear, select the name and the top section’s details will appear for the student:

  • Under Request Details add the following details:
    • Service Request item: eLearning support for FBMH.
    • Catalogue category and category should autofill.
    • Category search does not need to be entered.
    • Summary: A brief description of the issue.
    • Description: Further details of what the issue is, what device they are using, browser, and any screen shots to aid investigation.
    • Item specific questions, enter as appropriate.
  • Scroll back to the top of the screen and click the save and close button.


  • This will then be submitted to the eLearning support queue and the team can respond to the student direct.

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SBS – How to Submit a LANDesk Ticket on Behalf of a Student