Creating a grading form

A grading form is slightly different to a rubric but is also a useful tool for assessment.

1. Launch the Rubric Manager and click on the 3-bar icon in the top left of the pop-up window to create a new rubric or grading form.

2. Enter a name for your grading form by clicking ‘Enter grading form name here’ in the top left of the Rubric and Form Manager.

3. To edit the name or description of a criterion, click directly on the relevant field and begin typing.

4. You can add extra rows of criteria by either clicking on the + icon to the right of the criteria header or by clicking the large + icon at the bottom of the page.

5. You can delete a criterion by selecting the trash can icon that appears to the right of the criterion description.

6. Select whether to enable scoring at the bottom of the screen.

7. If scoring is enabled, this will only be visible from Turnitin Feedback Studio during the grading of the student’s paper. An extra box will appear to allow a numerical score to be entered.

8. Once the grading form is complete, click the Save and Close button at the bottom right of the Rubric Manager.

8. Your newly created grading form will now appear in the list of options in the Turnitin assignment settings; use the chevron to find it.

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How to create a Turnitin rubric or grading form