This guide covers:

  • PAGE 1 Tracking scores with Softchalk and setting date restrictions/ password protection
  • PAGE 2 Tracking scores with Blackboard

Within this content you will find links to the relevant learning material from Softchalk’s eLearning video guides.

Tracking scores with Softchalk

Softchalk Cloud comes with its own grade centre called the Scorecenter. This will track scores and attempts from quiz questions and activities. When lessons are added to a Scorecenter it enables students to save their answers and come back later using a unique identifier (e.g. their university username). You can also use the Scorecenter to set date restrictions or password protect your lesson.

It is recommended you watch the video linked below before following the written instructions.

  • Video 15a SoftChalk Cloud ScoreCenter
    This will walk you through creating a Scorecenter, setting authentication rules, sharing results, adding lessons to be tracked and how to view scores
  • Log into and go to Scorecenter> My Scorecenters
  • Click ‘Create ScoreCenter’ on the right hand side
  • Give it a name and instructions under ‘Properties’
  • Go to the authentication tab and set the authentication rules. Watch Video 15a above for a description of what the different types are. In this section you can also add a password or date restrict your lesson
  • Go to the ‘tracked lessons’ tab and use the arrows to put your lesson into the right hand box
  • Click create
  • To test, use your distribution URL in a browser where you are not signed into Softchalk cloud. You will see that the Scorecenter has added a landing page that will ask for the authentication details you have put in
  • Students must click ‘Finish’ on the last page of the lesson for their attempt to be logged in the ScoreCenter
  • It is advised that you test this by filling it in yourself, and then viewing your grades in Softchalk Cloud
  • Click the grade book icon to view learner attempts, click the square icon for download options, and use the pencil button to edit