This guide covers:

  • PAGE 1 Tracking scores with SoftChalk ScoreCenter (including date restrictions/ password protection) and SoftChalk lesson certificates
  • PAGE 2 Tracking scores with Blackboard

Within this content, you will find links to the relevant learning material from SoftChalk’s eLearning video guides.

Tracking scores with Blackboard


As SoftChalk is an external company, please do not use the activities or quizzes for any summative assessments or assignments that require marking. These should always be done using Blackboard tools. We do not generally recommend connecting your lesson to the Blackboard Grade Centre as we have had instances in the past where the connection has stopped working and data has been lost. However, it can be used for general tracking purposes so we have included the instructions below. Use at your own risk!

To connect your lesson to Blackboard:

  • Navigate to your Blackboard course
  • Go to Course Management > Customisation > Tool Availability
  • Make sure ‘LTI’ and ‘LTI link’ are checked
  • Log into SoftChalk Cloud
  • Go to My Content > Lessons
  • Click on the lesson you would like to add to Blackboard
  • Scroll down the preview page and copy the LTI link on the right-hand side
  • Add a web link to your Blackboard course
  • Paste the LTI link you have just copied into the URL box
  • Underneath, check ‘This link is to a Tool Provider’
  • Set ‘Enable Evaluation’ to ‘Yes’ and fill in the rest of the information
  • Test using student preview mode