If you need an alternative to face-to-face lectures, your options are:

Make last year’s lecture podcast available in this year’s Blackboard space

Here is a video guide to making a lecture capture podcast from a previous year available in the current year’s Blackboard unit:

Use the ‘Blackboard Collaborate Ultra’ tool to record your lecture or deliver tutorials.

An overview of the features offered by Collaborate can be found here :

A guide on How to record lectures using Blackboard Collaborate can be found here:
How to record lectures

Explore Collaborate in the following playground test space where you will be enrolled as a presenter:
Presenter Playground

Recording and uploading a presentation on your own machine

Podcasting FAQS: (opens in new tab)
– Record a presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint
– Record a presentation on a Mac
– How to upload recordings to the video portal

Please contact the eLearning team via The Support Portal for help in using Collaborate or if none of the solutions above meet your needs.

Lecture Recordings