Reviewed: 06/12/2019

Jing is a piece of software that can be used to create a video of what you see and do on your computer screen. The software is free to download and allows you to create 5 minute screen recordings with or without audio and then enables you to save it to your own computer or upload it to you personal free account.

Quick instructions (for new users)

  1. Download and install Jing onto your own computer
  2. Create a screencast account (if you dont already have one)
  3. Record your Jing video. This can include a voice over if you need one
  4. Save your video to your computer and upload a copy to your Jing account


Full instructions

If you will need to use a microphone to provide the voice over, you will not be able to use a University cluster PC. Ideally you will use a personal computer. If you do not have a microphone, one is available to hire for 24 hours only from the eLearning team (using the eLearning enquiries link in the left hand menu of the Blackboard course), you will need to book this early as other people may also be looking to use it.

Download the jing software from here (the software is avaialble for PC or Mac) and install it.

Once you have Jing installed, sign up for an account (this is a account, it is free and will give you space to share your videos). If at anypoint you close Jing and want to come back to it again, you will find it in your programmes under TechSmith.

Once you have created your account, Jing should automatically run. If at anypoint you close Jing and want to come back to it again, you will find it in your programmes under TechSmith.Whilst Jing is running you will see the ‘Jing sun’ at the top of your screen. If you hover over it you will get 3 options: capture, history, more.

You are now almost ready to record your screencapture.

It is important that your video can be viewed on the screen of any computer available to your fellow students, therefore in order that noone is put at a disadvantage when viewing the videos, you need to make sure it will fit on the lowest resoultion screen (800×600) without scrolling around your video. To do this, you can either change your screen resolution (for example if you are using powerpoint), or make sure that you capture a window on your computer that is small enough (if you are using softwar/the web).

To change screen resolution (if you are using powerpoint): For a PC, right click on your desktop and click Properties > settings (windows XP) or screen resolution (windows 7) and change the screen resolution to 800 x 600. On a Mac, click on the Apple (top left hand corner of your screen) > click system preferences > displays, change resolution.

Once your resolution is changed, open up PowerPoint and prepare your presentation so that you can just click the play presentation button, but don’t click it yet.

You now need to start using Jing. Take a look at this video to find out how to select your capture area. If using powerpoint, you will need to capture your full screen due to PowerPoint presentation playing full screen. When using other software, you simply need to select the appropriate window.

Take a look at this video to find out how to record your presentation.

Once you press record, remember you only have 5 minutes, Jing will automatically stop recording at 5 minutes. there will be a time on the jing bar so you can see how you are doing.

Once you have your recording press stop and label your presentation with an appropriate name. You now need to save your recording. Press the save button and save it to your computer. It will save as a .swf file. Ensure you keep a copy of this on your computer. You should also save it to your screencast account by pressing the upload arrows.

Once uploaded, you can obtain a link to your video by going to your screencast account, logging in and then clicking in the Jing folder, locate your video and press the image of the arrows next to it to obtain the link you need.

If you have any problems, please contact the eLearning team using the eLearning support link from the left hand menu of the Blackboard course. Remember that it may take up to 1 full working day for you to get a response, so don’t leave your work until the last minute.

There are plenty of Jing tutorial available here if you wish to view them:
Creating Jing Videos