This information is currently under review – Aug 2022

Please ensure you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers (NOT Internet Explorer – it is too slow!)

Marking First Year Lab reports is the same as marking the dissertation. Here is a video showing how this is done. While this was taken in the dissertation unit, the process is exactly the same.

  1. To access Blackboard, go to and enter your university username and password.
  2. Click on the “BIOL10402&10400&10401 Life Sciences Practical Units” course link.
  3. Access TII/GradeMark via the Control Panel > Course Tools > TurnitinUK assignment by Groups > Choose “Step 3 eSubmission” > Choose your name from the list. You will now see the list of papers to mark.
  4. Click the title of a submission to access a paper to mark (papers will be anonymous).
  5. You can now toggle between TII (plagiarism checker) and GradeMark (to annotate the work and mark the rubric) using these buttons in the top right-hand corner. To complete marking, you must ensure that the “GradeMark” button is highlighted in blue (including the word “GradeMark”).
  6. Click on ‘Rubric Scorecard’ on the bottom right hand corner. (Note: If you need instructions on how to annotate the work with comments that will be returned to the student, then you will need the instructions on Using GradeMark.)
  7. Scroll the Rubric scorecard to view all the areas that you need to mark and all the points available. More information on each column is available in the blue section below the main scorecard when you hover your cursor over each section.
  8. Scroll down the script to find the question you are going to mark and then click the relevant number of points in the squares of the marking rubric.
  9. Click ‘Apply Rubric percentage to grade‘ to save the marks.
  10. Please double check you don’t leave any marking boxes empty (look for the blue boxes!). If the student got 0 marks then you must click on ‘0’ mark.
  11. You have the ability to highlight text and add comments to the script. To add these to the paper, click an area within the script and a comments box will open and allow you to save a comment for the student. Please note that comments that take more than 20 minutes to write can occasionally cause a system timeout, therefore longer comments should be written in a word processing software before being copied into a comments box.
  12. Click the “Print” icon and print to PDF to save a copy of your marking and comments locally as a backup.
  13. Close the paper to exit.
SBS – First Year Lab Report Marking