Reviewed: 09/12/2019

Accessing the Dissertation

  1. Enter Blackboard via the URL and select the appropriate unit from your course list.
  2. In the lower left-hand menu (Labelled Control Panel), choose “Course Tools” > “Turnitin Assignments by Groups”.
    (Note: Be certain to click the option that specifies “by groups”.)
  3. Choose the “eSubmission of Dissertation” option.
  4. Choose your name from the drop-down menu and click “go”. (If you are moderating, choose the first marker’s name from the list)
  5. You will now see a list of submissions that are specific to you (or the first marker). These will be anonymised where the students have used the Faculty Standard Naming Convention. Click the title of a submission to enter it.

Marking the Dissertations

Marking of the dissertations is done via comments within GradeMark.

  1. Use the buttons on the right side of the submission to switch between the originality report (the plagiarism report) and GradeMark (the marking system).
  2. Annotate the script online by clicking within the script and typing a comment within the boxes that appear.
    (Note: GradeMark contains a 30-minute time out, meaning that any comments that take longer than 30 minutes (or if you do not add a new comment within a 30-minute window) may not be saved. To avoid this, make sure that you save your document regularly, as this will extend your session for another 30 minutes.)
  3. Decide upon a mark to give the student and add it to the top right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Add the mark to any paper marking sheets you have been given, then close the window.
  5. If you have further reports to mark, choose the next one and repeat.
SHS – Marking Optometry Dissertations