Reviewed: 07/10/2021

Below are instructions on how to access the Placement reports for marking. Please note that for the Placement report you do not need to add marks to the online paper; you are only required to fill in the paper marking forms. You are still required to complete the Plagiarism check.

NOTE: If you require technical assistance not covered by the instructions please contact the eLearning team: eLearning enquiries form

Full Instructions

Below is a click-by-click guide to using the accessing the papers you are required to mark.

  • Enter Blackboard (
  • Click on the ‘Past years’ courses’ tab
  • Click on on ‘BIOL40000 Placement Report 2020-21’
  • Ensure that ‘edit mode is’ in the top right hand corner of the page is set to ‘on’.
  • Go to the control panel in bottom left of the course > Choose Course tools and then TurnItInUK assignment By group.
  • Choose the Submission that you wish to mark (eSubmission of Placement Report)
  • Locate the name of the First Marker in the list (even if you are moderating/second marking). Click “Go”
  • You will now see something similar to this image:
  1. The Student’s name
  2. Title
    • The title of the essay (NOTE: This should be the First Marker’s name and the student’s ID number)
    • Clicking on the title reveals the essay within a web browser.
  3. Originality score

    • Originality Report and Similarity Index for the paper. (NOTE: Please refer to the faculties plagiarism indication guidelines)

Start Marking

To view the student submission and start marking, locate the report that you wish to mark and click its title to view it. You should annotate the report, but do not add the mark.Similarity report menu

When you are ready to check the plagiarism report, click on the “Similarity” layer in the right hand menu and the layers icon will be highlighted in red (see the image on the right).

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Marking Placement Reports